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How COVID-19 pandemic has hiked the need for gas delivery?

How COVID-19 pandemic has hiked the need for gas delivery?

  • 09 December 2020
  • 8 min read

No business in the world has been spared from the wrath of the COVID-19. This pandemic has created havoc in people’s daily lives. Countrywide lockdowns and need for social distancing have forced us to stay home. There was not a single activity on the roads or in the streets. Yet, people were getting their daily supplies thanks to online delivery apps.


The demand for cooking gas delivery has hiked during the lockdown as people are unable to step out. So they are unable to buy gas cylinders on their own. But gas delivery has become a blessing for them as they can get their cylinders right at their doorsteps. This can help them to follow the social distancing norms to get safe.

Let us look at the market scenario of the gas delivery market in the times of pandemic. Also, we will look at the reasons for the rise in gas deliveries.

Current scenario of gas delivery markets

The gas delivery industry is also experiencing the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic. The gas delivery markets have also changed. This sector is experiencing an oversupply and a big slash in the prices.

This has created volatility in the gas delivery markets. In these times the gas delivery businesses are looking for a robust delivery solution that can save them from this critical situation and reinstate their business dealings.

COVID-19 pandemic has added more criticality in the oversupply of gases. Nationwide lockdowns have suspended all the economic activities. This has decreased the demand for all the goods in the markets in the year 2020. Mckinsey has predicted a fall of 4 to 7 per cent (approx.) in the gas delivery sector. Due to this, the gas delivery markets have started declining.

But the on-demand cooking gas delivery solution has shown a ray of hope for the gas delivery companies. By using it, they can continue their operations without any hassle. They can deliver quality gas to their customers.

This will surely give a push to the gas delivery economy and also provide a great opportunity to the gas delivery businesses by allowing them to streamline their business operations.

Why the demand for gas delivery has increased?

Gas delivery is becoming a trending concept in the business world. Many gas delivery outlets are considering getting a seamless on-demand delivery solution for their business. The most important thing about the gas delivery solution is that it is compliant with all rules and regulations concerned with the gas delivery. Let us look at why the demand for gas delivery increased:

Lock Down

Lockdown has forced global businesses to stop their operations. Yet some businesses are making money even in the times of pandemic and gas delivery is one of them. Governments have permitted gas delivery businesses to operate during the pandemic as it has been recognized as an essential service.

Cooking gas is the most essential part of any household. One cannot prepare food without it. In the times of pandemic, people are unable to go to a restaurant or cafeteria to have their favourite food due to lockdown. They have started making food at their homes. This has created an immense need for cooking gas.

So people have started looking for some kind of solution to get a non-stop supply of cooking gas. Their search has ended with an on-demand cooking gas delivery app. Now they can easily order gas by entering their details in the app without leaving their homes.

Thus, there is an excellent opportunity for you to make a cooking gas delivery solution for your business. An on-demand gas delivery solution can streamline your business operations. It will also allow you to provide your gas delivery services to a wide range of customers.

Ensuring short term continuity

Markets are closing these days. But for ensuring the short term continuity of your gas delivery business you have to use a cooking gas delivery solution. It will allow you to operate your gas delivery business seamlessly in the times of the pandemic. Where all other businesses are suffering from the losses, your gas delivery business is still earning great returns from the market.

Due to the increase in gas deliveries, the employment has also been increased as these growing businesses need the skilful manforce. For making constant deliveries, the gas delivery businesses will need a huge force of drivers and admin staff. So we can say here employment has also increased with an increase in gas deliveries.


Preventing gas shortage

Implementing an on-demand gas delivery system into your business can help you to prevent the supply of gas. Otherwise, people will make a long line near the shops of the gas service providers for getting cylinders. Also, the government has implemented strict social distancing norms to prevent the unnecessary gathering of people.

For preventing the gas storage the gas delivery business can use an on-demand solution for making deliveries. A gas delivery solution allows gas delivery businesses to offer their services directly at their customer’s doorsteps.

Due to this customers do not need to go out to get gas. Also, the supply of gas will get delivered continuously.

Need for a safer solution

Delivering gas to the customer is a risky thing for any gas delivery business. It has to follow many laws and regulations. Also, he needs to implement safety measures for ensuring safer deliveries.

Sometimes gas may be leaked while making deliveries. This can create a huge disaster. To fulfiling the need for a safer solution, gas delivery companies can consider making an on-demand cooking gas delivery solution. The users can get notified in case of any gas leakage with the solution’s gas delivery indicator feature.

For making an instant cooking gas delivery solution for your business, you can hire software development team or you can consider outsourcing your app development work to remote developers.

To grab the future opportunities

On-demand gas delivery is a fastest-growing segment. It has great potential to expand in the future. Also, this sector has got a hike in the markets due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gas delivery providers are getting strong backing from their Venture Capitalists. It has inspired many players to take a plunge into this business. As of now, there is no global leader in the gas delivery sector segment. So there is a great opportunity for you to take that place.

To start a gas delivery business successfully, you first need to ensure that you have all the necessary license and regulations to start your business operations. After then you need to have an effective fleet to make deliveries. You can tie-up with existing gas provider companies to extend your business operations.


The makeover of the current model

Many businesses have started using modern cooking gas management systems in their business. Yet some businesses are still using the same traditional solution for making gas deliveries.

If you are one of those traditional business owners than it is time for you to renovate your old business model. You need to get modernised solutions for your business and nothing is better than have an on-demand solution for making your deliveries.

By integrating a seamless delivery solution into your business you do not need to maintain paper records for everything. You can save all your business data digitally and can use it from anywhere at any time.

Pressure of Investors

Many oil and gas businesses are facing immense pressure from the investor’s side. Because the investors are not getting any return on their investments. Also, the financial viability of the oil and gas delivery businesses have decreased. This is the prime reason for dissatisfaction among investors.

Everyone thinks about the long term result of their investment like whether they can fetch them higher returns or not. So if the companies are not able to continue their operations then they will not earn any profit. Due to which the investors will not get any returns. This can make the oil and gas companies lose their investors.

But the oil and gas businesses can cope up with this issue by starting online gas deliveries. Due to this, they can get their business from other areas too. Also, they do not have to close their existing business as they just need a solution to make gas deliveries. It will help them to boost their profits. Thus, Investors will automatically get interested when they will see the profits.

Wrapping Up

The danger of the COVID-19 pandemic has still not over completely. Yet many businesses have started bouncing back out of its adverse effect. Now it’s the time for the gas delivery businesses to bounce back with a robust gas delivery solution. It will help them to extend their operations even in the remote areas. This will enable the gas delivery businesses to get a large customer base and grow their profits.

Now you have a clear idea about the increase in need of gas delivery. Feel free to reach us if you still have any questions in your mind. Thanks for reading this blog.

Kunal Gohil

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand fuel and gas delivery solution development company. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.

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