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Importance of customer loyalty in the gas delivery business

Importance of customer loyalty in the gas delivery business

  • 19 May 2021
  • 8 min read

Today, every business wants to give an amazing experience to their customers so that they can stop their customers from going to their competitors. The same can be said about the cooking gas delivery business too.


Cooking gas delivery businesses are focusing on creating an amazing customer experience by offering premium gas products and special accessories. They are looking to grab every single opportunity to strengthen their relationship with customers, or else it would be hard for them to survive in an extremely service-focused era.

In a world where there is cutthroat competition, customer loyalty is the new marketing strategy. Today’s customers can access endless information about your business, and they’re ready to stick with companies that go above and beyond to create a fantastic customer experience.

So, if you want to give a better delivery experience to your customers, then you need to integrate customer loyalty into your business. For that, you need to develop a cutting edge on-demand cooking gas delivery solution for your business.

But before you proceed with on-demand delivery app development for your cooking gas delivery business, you should first know why customer loyalty is an essential thing. In this blog, we will show you the importance of customer loyalty and help you create a loyal customer base for your gas delivery business.

Why is customer loyalty important to the gas delivery business?

Customer loyalty programmes make your customers feel special. This can fetch you better retention, increased referrals and profits. Rewarding your customers for their loyalty and frequent engagement can distinguish your on-demand cooking gas delivery service from others. Apart from this, a great customer loyalty program can speed up the loyalty life cycle.

Here are some more benefits of integrating customer loyalty programs to your cooking gas delivery solution:

Repeat purchases

It has often seen loyal customers. As per Globalnewswire, repeat customers make approximately 60 to 70 percent more purchase compared to their previous visit if they get a good loyalty program.

For example, if a customer fills gas regularly from you, then you can give him a small discount or cashback. Thus, the customer would likely return to you to get more discount or cashback.

Also, repeat purchases can help you know more about your customers that can cause a loyal customer-business relationship. That is why customer loyalty is important to a gas delivery business.

Better brand image

A brand is more than your company’s logo and visiting cards. It involves everything starting from your mission statement and the company culture to the customer service, social media image, and final product.

Customer loyalty programs can make your existing clients feel esteemed and help you get new customers. Furthermore, a customer loyalty program can expand customer appreciation and increase the satisfaction of existing clients.

When your customer feels acknowledged, then your brand image will automatically get better.

Mouth publicity

Mouth publicity is one of the cost effective approaches to grow a business. As per Adweek, approximately 74 percent of consumers identify word-of-mouth publicity as a key influencer in their purchase decisions. If your customer loyalty programmes will make the lives of your customers easier, then they will surely share it among their friends and family.

Loyal customers trusts your brand and that is why they are not shy about sharing their feedback with others. This mouth publicity will let you know customers on a first-name basis and learn more about them which is the essence of a loyal customer-business relationship.

Engages more customers

In today’s competitive world, it is a tough task to differentiate your products from competitors. Your competitors can outshine your most successful product in the future.

However, customer loyalty can be a game-changer in reshaping the buyer’s perception of your service. So if you and your competitors have the same product but you have better customer loyalty, surely your product will have a tremendous demand.

Provides customer data

When a shopper registers for a loyalty program, his information gets automatically stored in your database. You can use this data for omnichannel, offline, and eCommerce segmentation, and tailoring their offerings to specific customer groups.

Besides this, a customer loyalty program provides you with a complete overview of pricing, buying habits, inventory information, customer behaviour, and preferences. By using this information, you can plan your promotional and pricing strategies better.

Also, the customer data enables you to measure the results of your existing promotional offers, use of additional channels, or decreased time between purchases.

Retains customers

It doesn’t matter if you are an already established gas delivery business, a promising gas startup, customer retention needs to be your priority. You can only achieve this when your focus is to build remarkable customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty helps you to make your customer feel valued. For this, you can use effective customer tactics such as feedback, auto-generated emails, targeted offers, faster query resolution, personalised follow-up, etc.

Strong customer relations

Customer loyalty programs can help you get an honest opinion about your gas delivery services. Talk to your clients about the developments within your organisation and ask them how your service is helping them. Share every update about your product with your customers via social media.

Let your clients know you care, listen, and apply the feedback you gather. You can do this via a range of channels, such as emails, phone calls, social media, and letters. Humanity works wonders in boosting loyalty for your product.

6 customer loyalty methods to keep your customers happy

Keeping customers close to your cooking gas delivery service can directly link them to the brand. But this is not a simple task. Here are six ways to build brand loyalty with your on-demand cooking gas delivery app:

Reward points

Offer reward points to your customers when they avail your gas delivery services. You can use your on-demand cooking gas delivery app for this. Allow your customers to collect bonus stars when they make a purchase of a specific amount on festivals or special sale days.

Referral programmes

A referral program is an attractive way to reward the existing customers along with gaining the new ones. You can offer reward points to your customers when they recommend your company to their friends or family. Take help of social media. If someone “likes” a post from one of your loyal customers, then send them an exclusive promotional link.

Referral programs allow you to get creative since there are unlimited ways to share the love. If a customer refers your service to a friend, then they receive some discount as an incentive. Thus, referrals are a win-win thing for all.

Allow customers to choose their rewards

Choosing a reward is one of the best parts of being a rewards scheme member, so it’s essential to know what drives your customers and remember that not every shopper gets motivated by the similar reward.

By letting customers redeem their points on both large or small rewards, you can ensure that customers are happy with what your program is offering.


With the competition high and your rivals also offering goodies that appeal to your specific customer demographic. Take help of customer surveys to find out what customers want. Listen to your drivers, as they have direct contact with your clients.

Giveaway promotional products that are printed with the customer’s name or to offer a choice of gifts when they avail your gas delivery services.

Free gas filling services

Discounts are exceptional, but if you don’t want to offer one since it will eat into your bottom line, how about offering some extra service for free instead? A strategy that creates the sense of “something extra” will always be a winner.

For instance, you can initially give two or three gas filling services to your customers. Moreover, you can also offer to perform a quick energy efficiency survey at the time of delivering gas.

Gift cards

Promote your gas delivery service by providing gift cards to your customers. Offer them with reward points when they purchase multiple products from you. Share your gift cards on social media and your homepage and product pages. Ensure that only your loyal customers can use these gift cards to make them feel extra special.

Apart from this, gift cards can help you target premium customers. Besides this, you can provide some bonus points to customers who are loyal but not part of your loyalty program. Share them the link to loyalty cards via SMS or Email.


Final Words

Creating a customer loyalty program doesn’t require to be a massive task. When it is done well and you can customize it to the customer experience, though, it can reap major benefits for your business.

If you’re not sure where to begin, then ask your existing customers what they would want to see in a rewards program by conducting a simple customer survey. Once you know what they want, then you will have a clear direction on what will bring them back to your store.

I hope this blog has provided you with all the essential information about the importance of customer loyalty in the gas delivery business. Thank you for your time to read this blog.

Kunal Gohil

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand fuel and gas delivery solution development company. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.

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