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On-Demand solution for consumer cooking gas needs

Looking to build a versatile solution for delivering cooking gas at doorsteps with just a few consumer taps or swipes? We have got the answer for day to day cooking needs of a consumer.

Cooking Gas Delivery Services

Both cooking gas agency startups and cooking gas companies can start their own on-demand delivery services by delivering the cooking gas to their doorsteps.


Cooking Gas Delivery Aggregators

The platform provides a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to set up their own Uber like marketplace that connects cooking gas distributors and cooking gas companies with end users.


How does the app work?

There is a step by step actionable process to be followed for using the app.


1. Sign Up/Sign In

After download/install an account needs to be created filling up with necessary details, and if already done sign in with user name and password.

2. Order Placing

Just as customer logs in, the order can be placed by filling up the necessary details and chosen payment preferences, with automatic location tracking.

3. Order Processing

Once the agency receives an order it connects with the driver to assign the gas delivery task, while notifying the gas company at the same time about the order.

4. Order Delivery

The driver sets on to deliver the order through location tracking, keeping customers, gas agency, and gas company informed about real time location updates.

5. Order Completion

If the user has done pre-payment via net banking, credit cards/debit cards, or wallets, thr order is marked as delivered by driver, else it is marked delivered after cash payment.

Manage users, riders, and vendors via admin panel

As a gas company, manage all the activities pertaining to users, riders, and vendors through a feature-rich admin panel, empowering you as an admin to monitor and run operations smoothly.


Product Management

Add, edit, or remove cooking gas brands and their products right away.

Size and Price Selection

Define the cylinder specifications through size and its pertaining price.

Vendor and Driver Profile Management

Keep a check on vendors and drivers so as to view, verify, approve, and disapprove them.

Order Delivery Management

Decide as to which geographical area you want your cooking gas to be delivered.

Manage Transactions

Do have your transactions managed bifurcated as per payment mode, revenue, and commission.

Promo Codes

Deploy promo codes if any, defining them by name, validity, discount, and products.

Order with ease through a user-friendly customer panel

As a customer you expect an app to be intuitive and interactive easing the gas cylinder booking process, and that is what you get with a plethora of features.

Instant Order

Customer can instantly order for a new cylinder, refill their existing one, or put up an exchange request as soon as they land up in the app.

Brand and Size Selection

The brand and size of the cooking gas to be selected with all other related information to be fulfilled by the vendor.

Multiple Payment Modes

There are multiple payment modes to choose from cash on delivery, wallets, credit cards/debit cards, and net banking.


Nearby Vendor Allotment

Customers can choose from a list of all the nearby vendors to get the delivery done soon.

Track Drivers

Driver route, location, and time info can be tracked to know estimated time of delivery.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers can write down their experience by leaving ratings and reviews on the app.

Driver panel replace with Driver App

Get set go to deliver gas cylinders to your customers without any errors or delays while also managing multiple orders delivery.

Delivery Handling

Drivers can have a complete analysis of deliveries that are still in process, cancelled, completed, or not delivered.

Manage Availability

Drivers can manage their availability by switching their status between online and offline.

Accept/Reject Delivery Requests

Drivers can either accept or reject job request that appears in the form a popup notification.


In-app Navigation

Drivers can navigate accurately and swiftly with the help of in-app navigation system.

Order History

Drivers can have a look at the historical orders with information like name, date, time, address, and mode of payment.

Reviews and Ratings

Drivers can view their overall ratings and review with each one being anonymous.

Manage customers effectively and drivers efficiently via vendor App

As a gas agency or distributor, keep track of inventory, orders, riders, payments, reports, and all other operations pertaining to cooking gas end to end delivery.


Vendor Dashboard

The vendors can have a detailed view of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales along with orders currently in progress.

Manage Orders

Vendors can manage orders by viewing order details, payment mode, assigned driver, driver’s location, delivery status, notifying admin, etc.

Route Tracking

The vendor can track the location of their drivers in real-time.

Driver Management

The drivers can be added, modified, blocked, or removed through an approval from admin.

Inventory Management

Vendors can manage inventory by selecting brand, product, size, and quantity of cylinders available.

Transaction History

All the transactions can be bifurcated based on commission and revenue with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly filters.

There are surely endless business opportunities into Cooking Gas Delivery with GasShift!

Be the best out of the rest by delivering cooking gas straight to the consumer doorsteps.

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Be alerted of the gas level inside cylinder in advance

GasSwift makes it possible for customers to measure the gas level of their cylinder by integrating with a gas level indicator device mounted on the gas cylinder that measures gas level and informs when it is about to finish.


Get notified of the gas leakage outside cylinder instantly

Gas Shift thinks from a safety standpoint and hence the app integrates with a gas leakage detector device mounted on the gas cylinder that measures gas leakage and informs when the leakage starts coming out of the cylinder.


What makes us apart?

GasSwift does have a lot of edge among other contemporary white label solutions. However, let us give you a glimpse of why you should opt for Gas Shift.

Tailor-made Offerings highly personalised

Everything from components, functionalities, APIs, and branding, we deliver it all through a custom made solution sufficing all your business requirements..

Timely Efficient with Cost wise Effectiveness

We value the cost and time of businesses and hence we deliver affordable solutions real quick..

Dynamic Capabilities supporting Scalability

Our solutions are meant to handle n number of users in case a business feels the need to expand the same with increasing user base so that they can be accommodated with ease..

User-friendly layout that is high on Simplicity

Our interfaces are so interactive and intuitive for admin, vendor, driver, and user, that users can be at great ease while handling the app without any technical background..

Frequently Asked Questions

There would be a number of questions you might have. We have the most common ones answered while the rest can be resolved when you reach out to us.

Yes, we will provide you with the source code of the software.

Yes, our developers are 24*7 available and dedicated to provide support and maintenance.

Yes, the users can cancel their orders free of cost, until a driver is assigned for the delivery. Once the driver is assigned, users will have to pay cancellation charges, as per the policy defined by admin.

Yes, we can add any language of your choice, since our solution supports multiple languages.

Look at whom we have worked for

We have got a reputable credit to our name working with esteemed companies, entrepreneurs, and startups across the globe.

Billy Hockenhull

Fual Furnisher, USA


Wong Lei Heng

EnergyNow Co.Ltd, Cambodia


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