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Fuel Delivery App Development: 8 Lessons to Learn for Generating Online Revenue

Fuel Delivery App Development: 8 Lessons to Learn for Generating Online Revenue

  • 18 December 2020
  • 8 min read

Mobile apps are providing the luxury of multiple services to customers. Uber was the first company to introduce the on-demand delivery concept. Now the demand for such apps has increased for other industry verticals also. More and more people have started using on-demand delivery apps due to their convenience.


As per statista, the user penetration in the on-demand app will hit 12.5% by 2024. So you can see from this we can say that online delivery apps will surely have a huge customer base in the future.

If you think that Uber has covered everything under its on-demand services, then get ready for a surprise. Because the on-demand market is growing rapidly and every time it has something new to offer. This time the new offering of this market is the on-demand app for fuel delivery and on-demand cooking gas delivery app.

No one has imagined the concept of doorstep fuel delivery before 2015. The integration of Uber for X has inspired many new players to start fuel delivery business. So, if you are also thinking to start a fuel delivery business then first you have to build a robust on-demand fuel delivery solution. An on-demand delivery solution can help you to generate greater revenue if you can use it properly.

How to generate revenues by using a fuel delivery app?

Being a fuel delivery startup owner, you are facing many problems such as keeping the record of fleets, quality monitoring, timely delivery of fuel, and accurate order management. An on-demand fuel delivery solution can solve these problems for you.

Also, it can help you to provide your customers with a convenient fuel delivery experience. But before you start with your fuel delivery app development, you need to understand how you can generate revenues from it:

Choose a suitable business model

On-demand fuel delivery system differs in terms of the development process and business model. Every business requires a specific model or pattern to operate in the market. The same can also be said about the on-demand fuel delivery business.

To choose a suitable business model, you need to be clear about your business goal. Also, you need to be clear about what you are going to offer your customers.

Although these models come under the same category i.e fuel delivery, still they vary from each other. For getting a clear idea of business models, you can refer to the business model of the existing companies such as Filld, Booster, Yoshi, Wefuel, etc. By studying these business models, you can choose an appropriate business model.


Market research

After choosing a suitable business model, you need to do in-depth research on your local markets. Get an idea about how your fuel delivery app will perform into your chosen market. There is no doubt that fuel delivery is an emerging market, but it is also not guaranteed that everyone will succeed in it.

So get sufficient knowledge about successful fuel delivery companies and the struggling one in your chosen market. To get more information about your competitors, you can visit their websites, read their customer review, CEO interviews, and advertisement campaigns. Also, get more information about top fuel development trends to formulate better business strategies.

Hire a software development team

For any app-based fuel delivery startup, the efficiency and stability of the app is an essential factor. So you need to pay closer attention to the consumer demands. At first, this can be tough for you, but you can hire software development team to get more information about current app development trends.

A software development team will guide you about the app development process. The software development team can suggest what type of UI/UX features you can integrate into your app that helps you to deliver a better user experience. Also, they can show you how you can cut down your app development costs.

Take help of the gig economy

Everybody is looking to earn more profits in this emerging fuel delivery market. And gig jobs are the best way to do so. By taking the help of the gig economy you can offer freelance opportunities to the young population.

You have to assure a proper following of the deadline while assigning a gig to remote developers. For this, you need to develop a proper communication channel so that you can convey your intentions clearly to your developers. Take help of email, skype, slack, SMS and social media to build a strong communication channel.

By outsourcing your app development to freelance developers, you can get the benefit of the large pool of talent across the world. So if you are thinking of stepping into the gig economy, then make sure you hire professional developers. Because this may affect the quality and goodwill of your app.

Directly deliver fuel to commercials

Delivering fuels to commercial companies is the direct B2B opportunity for you. With the increase in demand for speedy transports, the logistics industry needs to speed up their services and generate higher profits by getting more business.

By getting the direct deliveries of fuel, the logistics businesses can skip the visit to fuel stations. Also, an on-demand fuel delivery app can save a lot of their time as they don’t have to visit petrol stations multiple times.

With the help of an on-demand fuel delivery software, the logistics companies can easily track their drivers and their performance. Also, collaborating with a commercial company, your fuel delivery app can easily fetch its target audience and allow you with a steady business expansion.

Allow your customers with a fuel cap

What if your fuel gets empty in the middle of the night and there is no petrol pump near your house. Now, what can you do in such a critical situation? Earlier this was a problem but now you can offer overnight deliveries to your customers by integrating the ‘Fuel cap unlock’ feature into your app. This can work best for both you and your user.

By using this feature, your customers can easily unlock fuel tap with the app. Also, if one of your drivers is handicapped or unable to make deliveries, then the ‘Fuel cap unlock’ is like a boon for him. By using this feature he can easily fill the customer’s tanks as the fuel kept open for him.


Integrate customer loyalty into your app

A fuel delivery app is the best way to get new customers and maintain the existing one. But to get the benefit of your fuel delivery app at its fullest, you need to integrate customer loyalty schemes in it.

Cashback, coupons, redeemable points, discount offers, etc. are some of the effective ways of adding customer loyalty into your on-demand fuel delivery app. This can help you to increase your engagement with your customers. You will get an opportunity to know more about their wants.

An on-demand fuel delivery app offers a personalised touch to your daily transactions. You can send personalised offer notifications to your app users. Also, you can send a message to your users on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Offer some games or contests to your customers to get more interaction with your app. By doing the above mentioned things, you can boost your app’s popularity in the app stores.

Optimise your fuel app

There is no point in spending more money into your fuel delivery app development if it cannot help you to get more customers for your business. To attract more users towards your fuel delivery app, you need to improve it constantly.

Size matters the most for any mobile app. Make sure that your app size is not too big, only add those features that are important for your app users. You can add more features to your app afterwards.

App optimization is the best way to improve your app. Take the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for optimizing your app on search engines. SEO will also make it easier for Google to crawl your app. By doing this, you can be able to improve your app’s ranking in the app store. So keep these things in mind while optimizing your app.

Final Words

The on-demand app fuel delivery solutions are slowly getting popular in the delivery markets. But still, the fuel delivery market is unexplored. You can explore the opportunities in this sector by making a robust fuel delivery solution for your business.

Whether it is daily chores or a holiday picnic, travelling is necessary for everyone. This means the increased use of fuel. People nowadays are skipping to stand in a long queue at the petrol stations. Poor handling by the fuel operator can also make the fuel delivery unpleasant for the customers. With an on-demand fuel delivery app, you can provide a better experience to your customers.

Here we have shown you the 8 lessons for generating good revenue from by making a fuel delivery app for your business. Still, if you have any query regarding the fuel delivery app development or you want to know how much it will cost you, then you can reach us at any time.

Thanks for reading this blog. Keep following this space for more such knowledgeable insights.

Kunal Gohil

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand fuel and gas delivery solution development company. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.

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