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How to head-start a fuel delivery business at your location?

How to head-start a fuel delivery business at your location?

  • 28 August 2020
  • 7 min read

Individuals today feed upon apps for just about everything due to the benefits been associated with it. This can absolutely be essential when stuck somewhere with fuel tank empty or planning to start a venture as an on-demand fuel delivery startup business. As an entrepreneur, you can start your fuel delivery business in your location to save time and money of people going to a gas or fuel station for refilling purpose.


A fuel delivery business can be successful only when fuel can be delivered to individuals no matter what place or time is. What better time to develop an on-demand fuel delivery system considering the fact that audience is everywhere since no vehicle can thrive without fuel. It is always best to start small, usually with one city to taste the waters, and later on scale the business with more cities and then countries eventually.

However, just like any other business, if you are wondering how to start an oil delivery business then there are specific requirements for beginning such a business. Prior to you jump onto constructing an app to supply fuel, you possess to consider some significant parameters of this business. Let us look at what those prerequisites are.

Keep yourself informed with the Government norms and regulations

There are always ongoing developments with regards to fuel pricing and other related rules. It is very important to keep yourself well updated with such announcements with regards to fuel industry. More importantly it is about approval process to be known if any licenses required when building an on-demand fuel management software based business or a mediator acting between a fuel delivery distributor and customers.


Fleet management has to be up-to-date with latest technologies

An array of fleets in good condition with regular maintenance is what need to be done frequently after a point. Again you need to start your fleet with a couple of vehicles, and then scaling up high as per the demands. Ascertain you scale up your tie-ups or your own fleet so that a fuel delivery solution never comes at a standstill no matter what.

Getting drivers on board to suffice deliveries

It is very important to hire honest and responsible drivers since fuel is not just a costly commodity but inflammable as well in terms of properties. To add up, sometimes the driver need to drive in a way, so that can reach venue on time without any hurry avoiding traffic and delivering fuel just on time without any loss or delay through an on-demand fuel app. Moreover, drivers should be well equipped with the maintenance of fleets to service the fleets whenever required.

Collaborating with companies, distributors, and fuel stations

It might be a tough call to tie up with so many suppliers with so many areas within the city. The supply chain should be such that there shouldn’t be delay in delivering fuel to the required place since emergencies can turn up any time any place. Think prior to creating a fuel delivery service app as to where you can have the tie-ups in place within city, across cities, within a country, or across countries for a hassle free distribution.

The Immeasurable Role of an App in a Fuel Delivery Business

When it comes to a location based fuel delivery solution, four type of users are the ones who benefit from the same – Fuel Companies, Distributors, Drivers, and Customers. An app is a platform that not just facilitates all four users but act as a strong bridge between them to fill the voids seen in the traditional delivery model. It is the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of an app playing an instrumental role in keeping all of them together.


Must Haves in a Fuel Delivery App

Easing the ordering process and operation of an app is of paramount importance to app owners. Hence, such an app do need to have some mandatory features and functionalities that fulfils the overall purpose of building an app such as this one. Consequently, you need to ensure that any point of time consumers shouldn’t feel to switch to competitor app by integrating everything required in the end to end ordering process of on-demand fuel delivery solution development sitting at home.

GPS Integration location tracking between parties

Fuel delivery app need to have GPS in-built so that location is traced while ordering or during the delivery in transit. With location details been sent automatically to the parties, everybody stays updated with the order progress. This makes GPS an evident feature in any delivery app including fuel delivery.

Selecting fuel type with quantity

A customer should have the privilege of selecting the fuel type while also mentioning the quantity. Hence, customers can get the right fuel with aforementioned quantity. This facilitates customers with not buying too much than requirements and also can have exact on-demand gas delivery solution development delivered as per the vehicle.

In-App Messaging and Calling for smooth communication

It’s critically important to be in constant touch with the customers at every point of fuel delivery right from ordering to actual deployment of fuel to the customer. This helps in keeping everybody associated with the process informed keeping uncertainties at bay. Additionally, a real time delivery app should have in-app notifications to constantly track the status and send it to all the associated parties through the process.

Promotions has to be a vital part of the app

With the help of promo codes, offers, and discounts, one can be an on-demand gas and fuel delivery solution development company offering attractive pricing. Even vouchers can be a great tool for promotional purpose. Alluring promotions can have more and more customers using the app.

Payment integration offering varied modes

Customers should be offer a variety of payment options so that payment online is seamless and lucid. The payment integration should be secured enough for a hassle free transaction. Moreover, offering online payments can keep all the parties secured.

Real time tracking of fuel quantity in refilling and tanker

There are specific devices available to help customers and delivery staff know how much quantity is being refilled. Moreover, the fuel availability in tanker can also be traced with the availability of fuel in the tanker. For these purposes, there are various physical trackers available in the market helping an on-demand fuel and gas delivery solution development company to offer one-of-a-kind solutions.

What it costs to develop a fuel delivery app?

There are a number of factors that determine the pricing cap of building such an app like the area being served, projection of delivery, intricacies associated with the app, etc. Another key factor to consider here is whether you want to have the app developed only for iOS or Android, both, or a hybrid app. Normally any automotive fuel delivery system project starts from $5000 that can go high depending on the things to be placed within.

Best time to start a fuel delivery business

There are hardly any apps available today acting as the Uber of fuel delivery catering automotive fuel delivery operations. So, it is ideal to start working upon the fuel delivery app concept right away waiting for a post launch after COVID pandemic. You need an experienced stellar mobile app development company like Peerbits, with an undisputed expertise in crafting on-demand apps, to transform your idea into execution.

Kunal Gohil

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand fuel and gas delivery solution development company. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.

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