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How GasSwift can help you to generate better revenues in fuel delivery business?

How GasSwift can help you to generate better revenues in fuel delivery business?

  • 30 April 2021
  • 10 min read

Refuelling vehicle is often considered a tedious and irritating activity, as you have to waste your precious time standing in long lines. But today, the situation has changed with the inception of on-demand fuel delivery services that are booming across the world.


These services use an on-demand fuel delivery app to deliver fuel at customer’s doorsteps. On-demand delivery app development for fuel businesses is one of the top fuel delivery trends of the current era. It has multiple advantages such as greater convenience, timesaving, cost-saving, emergency help, etc.

However, making a robust on-demand fuel delivery solution is not a child’s play, you need to acquire higher technical expertise for it. So, if you also want to build an on-demand fuel delivery solution, then GasSwift is the best choice for you. GasSwift’s expert professionals can resolve your queries and provide you with some valuable insights that will grow your business and help you create a better brand image.

In this blog, we will show you the challenges faced by a fuel delivery startup and how GasSwift can help you to overcome them. Also, we will discuss the features and benefits of GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution.

What are the challenges in the fuel delivery business?

There are several challenges that every fuel distributors faces with fuel delivery. So, it is useful to know what these obstacles are in advance. The better you know, the better you will be prepared to tackle them. Here are some difficulties faced by the fuel distributors:

Inconvenience to customers

Fuel businesses are already facing too many problems that will make them completely obsolete in the next five-ten years. Booming real estate prices, old-fashioned business models, and fuel station thefts are some blockades for the fuel businesses. This would encourage many people to shift towards on-demand fuel delivery.

Fuel handling issues

Fuel deliveries can sometimes create hazardous safety issues that can create disruptions for your customers if you do not handle them properly. Hike in customer demands, inadequate fuel supply or a weather-related emergency are some critical concerns because of which you need to make fuel deliveries irrespective of your normal operating hours.

Routing challenges

Routing is another challenge faced by fuel retailers. Some fueling stations are in remote areas. This makes it tricky to find a dependable fuel supplier. Fuel retailers must also factor in variable road conditions, traffic patterns, and weather events.

Higher competition

An abundance of investors could be a challenge for the fuel delivery companies. Today, many budding fuel startups and entrepreneurs come up with their ideas. So, it becomes difficult to differentiate the companies that are genuinely working to achieve their goals against those who are just focused to take the first-mover advantage rather than working hard.

Scalability Issues

Fuel delivery business landscape is becoming vast day by day. Many fuel delivery businesses are not capable enough to scale up their operations to cope up with the increased business needs. The reason behind this can be the shortage of money or lack of an innovative delivery solution.

So here are the issues that need to be addressed at earliest by the fuel business. If you ignore these challenges then it can cost you a lot.


GasSwift’s advanced fuel delivery solution

Features are an important aspect of any on-demand delivery app and can play a game-changer role in its success. The same applies to fuel delivery apps as well.

GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution can help you to address the abovementioned challenges in a better way by providing you with high quality features so that you can resolve them successfully.

Here are the essential features of GasSwift’s fuel delivery system that can make you stand apart in the cut-throat business competition:

Real time tracking

Real time tracking of fuel delivery is one of the most important features of GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution. This feature allows you to track your driver’s live location so that you can plan the delivery routes in advance to avoid road blockages and heavy traffic.

In addition to this, real-time tracking can help you detect harsh driving activities of your driver such as sharp turns, over speeding, unnecessary vehicle idling, rash driving, speed limit violations, etc. GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution can help you to control such activities and can help you to improve driver behaviour that can eventually increase your fleets’ productivity.

Admin Panel

GasSwift provides you with a feature-rich advanced Admin Panel. With this admin Panel, you can effortlessly manage your drivers and customers at a go. This panel also equips you to view orders as per day, month or year.

Apart from this, you can also manage your driver profile from here. You can filter your daily fuel delivery transactions as per payment mode and fuel type.

Fuel Meter

Fuel meter is one of the most attractive features of GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution. It shows you the exact quantity of fuel filled in the petrol tanker. Besides this, the fuel meter will also show you the amount of fuel delivered in the customer’s fuel tank.

A fuel meter also helps you to record the fuel quantity that gets filled into the customer’s vehicles. This will give you an assurance of accurate fuel deliveries.

Multiple payment integration

GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution allows you to offer multiple payment methods to your customers such as credit card, debit card, or digital wallets. Along with this, GasSwift can enable you to add a secure payment gateway for accepting these payment modes.

With GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution, you can offer a ‘pay later’ option to your customers. It will fetch you more transactions with greater speed and accuracy.

Offers and rewards

Who doesn’t like attractive offers and rewards? GasSwift’s fuel delivery app on-demand fuel delivery app allows you to give exciting promotional offers, rewards, special discounts or freebies.

GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution allows you to give attractive discounts and offers to the customers at festivals. You can also give referral codes to the customers which they can enter at the time of sign-up on the on-demand fuel delivery app to get cashback or discount.

Delivery request handling

GasSwift’s fuel delivery app makes it easier for the drivers to switch their availability status. With this feature, your driver can accept or reject the delivery request. So that you can assign that delivery request to another driver.

In this way, GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution enables your drivers to carry out their deliveries effortlessly. Moreover, this solution does not let you miss a single delivery as you can reassign it to other drivers.

Order history

GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution provides an accurate order history to its users. You can manage your daily orders with a top-notch on-demand delivery app.

Moreover, you can check assigned deliveries to your drivers with GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution. You can track the real-time status of your orders such as pending orders, ongoing orders, cancelled orders, completed orders, etc.

Driver management

Driver management is an integral part of any fuel delivery business. It becomes essential to manage your drivers carefully if you want your fuel deliveries to keep going.

Apart from this, you can efficiently track the your drivers’ current status by using real-time tracking features. Thus, you can plan your fuel deliveries in a better way with GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution.

How GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution can help your fuel delivery business?

Still, doing your fuel delivery business in the same old way? Then it is the right time for you to switch to GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution that helps you to grow profits. GasSwift’s fuel delivery software helps you to capture the demand based on the smart algorithm created by the expert developers and the planning of the solution in real-time.


An app becomes a success only when it checks some important boxes for customers and for businesses. Here is how GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution can help you boost your business:


Today, no one likes to stand in long queues to fuel up their vehicles. So chances are there that you may lose your customers. But, with GasSwift’s cutting-edge fuel delivery solution, you can supply sufficient fuel to the desired place at the expected time.

GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution also allows your customers to pay as per their comfort. It also allows your customers to get fuel without leaving the comfort of their homes. GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution lets you address customer needs successfully that can help you to strengthen the consumer base for business.

Dynamic scaling capabilities

As your business grows, your business needs will also increase. Developing a solution that can grow and scale your business processes is a savvy choice. GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution contains excellent scaling capabilities that can help you to manage the growing number of requests without any hassles. So, you can first launch your apps with basic features and add another one later on.

Don’t limit your growth potential because of high costs. If you can not afford to invest an enormous amount, then GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery solution is best for you.

Minimal maintenance costs

Maintenance cost sometimes becomes a major issue for a fuel delivery company. It minimizes the profits of the fuel delivery business. With GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery app, you no longer need to invest into complicated legal compliances or spend a lot of money to purchase a traditional fuel store.

GasSwift’s fuel delivery app allows the fuel businesses to save a tremendous amount of money. Furthermore it also surges their profit levels with low maintenance and investment.

Saviour in emergencies

Just imagine if your vehicle gets out of fuel in the middle of the road and there are no fuel stations nearby? Here GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution comes to your rescue. You just need to make a few taps on your smartphones and place an order for fuel via GasSwift’s fuel delivery app.

Besides this, GasSwift’s fuel delivery solution can also help you provide their service in remote areas. In this way, you can extend your fuel delivery services to those areas where there is no petrol station.

Tailormade solution

It is very tiresome to build a solution from scratch. You need expensive tools and technologies. And if you do not know how to develop a fuel delivery solution, then you need to hire software developers, which is quite expensive.

However, you can cut down your development budget by integrating GasSwift’s tailormade fuel delivery solution. It will help you meet your customer expectations by enabling you to provide features to the customers.

GasSwift’s on-demand fuel delivery software will not only give you spaces to grow, but it is also vital for your success.


On-demand fuel delivery solution is a splendid way for individuals worldwide, whether they are looking for a convenient way to refill fuel or if they got stuck in the middle of the road without fuel in their vehicle.

So, if you are looking to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity, then go ahead with GasSwift. GasSwift is a successful fuel delivery app development company that can provide you with excellent development services. Get in touch with us if you want to build a successful on-demand fuel delivery business today. Thanks for reading this blog. Keep following this space for more such wonderful insights.

Kunal Gohil

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand fuel and gas delivery solution development company. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.

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