Constant research and innovative methods are the only keys for businesses to prosper in the changing market situations. And the same can be said for the fuel delivery businesses too. Fuel delivery has started prospering more than ever due to the inception of feature-rich mobile apps.

Today, people don’t need to travel a long distance to get fuel for vehicles. Now, they can easily get the fuel on their doorsteps by making a few taps over their smartphones.


Today, on-demand fuel delivery apps are not just limited to serving individuals, it is also helping the corporates who are looking for seamless fuel delivery services for their fleet of vehicles. So this is the best time for you to invest in a corporate fuel delivery solution to avail of this profitable opportunity.

But before you jump on to build an on-demand fuel delivery solution for corporates, you need to know more about the corporate fuel delivery solution. In this blog, we will provide you with a detailed overview of a corporate fuel delivery solution, its components and how it will help you to grow the profits of your on-demand fuel delivery business.

Essential components of a corporate fuel delivery solution

While making a corporate fuel delivery solution, you should consider four actors of the corporate fuel delivery which are admin, driver, corporate admin, and employee. That is why you need to create a different app for every component. Here are the essential components of a corporate fuel delivery solution:

Admin Panel

By using the robust admin panel of an on-demand fuel delivery solution, you can efficiently manage both your drivers and clients from a single place. Also, the admin can view orders by day, month and week.

Moreover, the admin can add or remove driver profiles from here. Also, the admin can manage the daily transactions by filtering them as per payment mode and fuel type.

Driver app

With a driver app, it becomes easy for the drivers to view the complete record of their deliveries such as completed, cancelled, pending, ongoing, etc. Also, drivers can navigate easily and accurately with the help of an in-app navigation system.

Moreover, the driver can access a checklist over its app. This checklist consists of the steps that need to be completed by the driver at the start and the completion of fuel delivery. So overall the driver app equips the driver to efficiently manage their deliveries.

Corporate admin panel

The corporate admin panel is one of the essential components of a corporate fuel delivery solution. Corporate clients can set a fuel consumption limit for their employees from here.

The corporate admin can add or remove employees from the admin panel. Apart from this, corporate admin can also set a limit for fuel consumption so that the employee can’t waste the fuel unnecessarily.

Also, the admin can filter the fuel deliveries on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and also keep a record of the remaining amount that he has to pay the fuel delivery startup. Due to this, business management can become easier and more efficient.

Employee app

Corporate employees have to travel a lot for business purposes. So the corporate offers its employees an on-demand delivery app so that the employees can easily get the fuel from anywhere at any time. In this app, the employee first has to raise a request for fuel.


How a corporate fuel delivery solution works?

After discussing the components of a corporate fuel delivery app, let us discuss how a corporate fuel delivery solution works. Here are the steps that depict the working of a corporate fuel delivery app:

  • Corporate Admin/Employees can request fuel delivery for their vehicles.
  • After this, they have to select the delivery address, fuel type, quantity, and the time and date of delivery.
  • After order completion, the delivery request will go to the relevant truck driver.
  • Then the driver will complete necessary task checks in the allotted vehicle as per the checklist.
  • The driver will reach the delivery location using GPS tracking. Furthermore, the corporate or employee can also track the location of its fuel delivery in real-time.
  • Then the driver will come and fuel up the vehicle(s) of the corporate/employee and finish the delivery.
  • Corporate admin will receive the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly invoice from the admin as per the settlement.

After discussing the workflow of a corporate fuel delivery solution, we will discuss its benefits.

Top benefits of using a corporate fuel delivery solution

Many corporate companies provide their employees with fuel so that their vehicle doesn’t go out of fuel in the middle of the road. Also, it can be tiresome for the employees to find a petrol station for fueling their vehicles.

But now you can solve this problem by using a corporate fuel delivery solution. It enables you to provide fuel to employees at your convenience. Here are the benefits offered by a corporate fuel delivery solution for your organisation:

Bulk orders

Bulk fuel delivery orders are one of the most remarkable benefits of an on-demand corporate fuel delivery solution. The fuel requirement of corporate clients is huge, so you need to deliver the fuel to your clients by using fuel containers.

By using a corporate fuel delivery solution, you can make bulk fuel deliveries with great ease. By making bulk deliveries of fuel, you can generate higher revenues for your corporate fuel delivery startup.


Recurring customers

When you are delivering fuel by using a fuel delivery solution, you need to go here and there to find customers for your business. But when you are using a corporate fuel delivery solution, you can generate a consistent source of revenues for your business.

Moreover. if you provide better services to your corporate clients, then their employees may also start availing themselves of your fuel delivery services. This will create a repeat purchase for your product. In this way, a corporate fuel delivery service is a good opportunity to get prospective clients for your business.


Corporate fuel delivery software makes your fuel deliveries more transparent by providing the fuel delivery startup with all the essential details of the transaction. It provides an electronic bill that shows all the details of the delivery such as fuel quantity, total price, delivery timings, taxes, driver’s name, delivery address, etc.

So by providing all the crucial details of fuel delivery, the admin can gain the trust of the users. This will help you to create a better brand image for your product in the market.

Greater convenience

Fuel filling used to be a tiresome process. You had to stand in long lines to get fuel for your vehicles. But today top-notch corporate fuel delivery systems made it easier for us to get fuel on our doorsteps.

Now your clients or their employees can easily get the fuel by making a few taps over smartphones. Also, the corporate employees can get fuel delivered even when there is no fuel station nearby.

Ease of payment

In the case of a corporate fuel delivery system, payments are no longer an issue. Now, you can easily make and accept payments at your convenience. You can offer your clients to pay on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Also, you can allow your corporate clients to pay with multiple payment modes such as credit card, debit card, online baking, mobile wallets, etc. Thus, by offering ease of payments, you can provide a better payment experience for your clients.

How much does it cost to make a corporate fuel delivery solution?

Several factors impact the cost of developing a corporate fuel delivery solution such as the developer’s location, platform type, operating system version, technological stack, UI/UX, etc.

So after considering the above-mentioned factors we can say that the cost of making a corporate fuel delivery solution is approximately in the range of $15,000 to $25,000. Please note that these costs are subject to change if you add more features or services to your solution.


Since the fuel delivery segment has minimal competition and having a lack of a global leader, budding startups and entrepreneurs are seeking to enter this market.

You can also become a part of this emerging market by starting a corporate fuel delivery service. However, you have to make a top-notch on-demand delivery solution to deliver fuel to the corporates. For this, you can get a software development team or you can get a readymade on-demand corporate fuel delivery solution.

I hope this blog has provided you with sufficient information about the corporate fuel delivery solution. Feel free to reach us if you still want to know more about the corporate fuel delivery solution. Keep following this space for more such insightful information.